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Insect Control with Meridian

Disease Control

The active ingredient in Meridian, thiamethoxam, is a powerful newgeneration neonicotinoid, formulated to provide higher water solubility for faster results, along with significant practical benefits in use. Meridian has been shown to be highly effective in controlling Ants (Fire Ants), Beetle, Bugs, Thrips, Whitefly, and Grass Hoppers.

Meridian offers high levels of pest control from low rates of use and reduced environmental loading. High water solubility – at least eight times greater than other soil acting insecticides – gives even distribution in the soil and contributes to rapid and efficient insect control. Reducing insect pest populations in the soil can minimise risk of secondary damage from birds and other animals rooting for food sources.

The Meridian water dispersible granular formulation is easy to use and quickly mixes to an odourless spray mix. Meridian has been shown to have excellent turf safety, with no recorded phototoxicity on any turf variety.

Persistent control

The high bio-availability of Meridian ensures a high level of performance. The increased solubility of thiamethoxam increases immediate availability to plants. Longer-term, the intrinsic soil-bonding of Meridian facilitates continuous desorption into solution for persistent pest control lasting up to 100 days.

Application advice

To target soil pests Meridian should be applied with sufficient water volume to achieve good penetration of thatch and into the soil. Select nozzles designed to enhance turf penetration. Aeration, thatch removal or spiking turf surfaces may aide treatment penetration. The inclusion of a wetting agent or surface surfactant in tank mix with Meridian may enhance soil penetration, especially in conditions where dry patch has been noted. Check tank-mix compatibility with your agronomist prior to treatment. Irrigate with at least 6 mm of water as soon as is possible after application

How does Meridian work?

Meridian works in a different way and with an alternative mode of action to all existing organophosphate, carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides. Thiamethoxam works by disrupting nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the insect’s nervous system. Insects stop feeding within an hour of coming into contact with thiamethoxam, thereby preventing further damage to the turf. Death of the insect generally occurs within one or two days of ingestion of the active ingredient.



  • Before damage from soil pest activity or egg hatch of larval pests
  • Application can be timed to fit in with turf maintenance programs
  • Long-lasting effects give effective control through periods of soil pest egg hatch


  • Rapid action quickly stops further turf damage from larval feeding
  • Curative application of Meridian following initial larval activity can provide effective protection against subsequent egg hatch


Meridian 25WG, Insecticide