Anthracnose typically infects turfgrass, particulary Wintergrass during warm weather

Brown Patch

The symptoms of Brown Patch can vary depending on the grass cultivar, climatic and...

Curvularia Leaf Spot

Curvularia is mostly secondary disease after primary pathogens such as Spring Dead...

Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot causes sunken, circular patches that measure up to 5 cm in diameter on...

Fairy Rings

The term 'Fairy Ring' is used to describe a number of turfgrass diseases...


Mole Crickets

Mole Crickets burrow in soil instead of living above ground like other crickets. Mole

Fusarium Patch

Fusarium Patch can be a devastating disease on fine turf surfaces as the patches may

Grey Leaf Spot

The symptoms of Grey Leaf Spot vary depending on the grass cultivar. On St. Augustine

Leaf Spot/Melting-Out

Leaf Spot (melting-out) causes purplish-brown to black spots with tan centers on the

Powdery Mildew

The disease first appears on the leaves as individual tufts of fine, white mycelium

Pythium Blight

Pythium Blight appears suddenly during hot, humid weather. The disease can spread

Pythium Root Rot

Pythium Root Rot is common on highly maintained turf, such as golf course greens....

Red Thread

Found on any area of turf, especially golf greens, tees, fairways, bowling greens


Rust diseases cause light yellow flecks initially on the leaf blades and sheaths. The

Seedling Diseases

Seedling diseases may be caused by many fungi including Microdochium nivale (Fr.)

Summer Patch

Summer Patch appears as circular or irregularly shaped patches that measure from...

Take-All Patch

Take-All Patch symptoms begin as a slight reddening or bronzing of bentgrass usually

White Grubs

White Grubs live in the root systems of plants and may cause severe damage over a...

Yellow Tuft

Small spots 1-3 cm in diameter of yellowed densely tillered plants with shortened