New Spray Record sheets keep applications on track


Syngenta GreenCast Spray Record sheets are one of the most frequently searched and used pages on the website. Now, a new design and editable PDF versions of the sheets are easier to use and maintain all the application records required.

Visit the Spray Record download page here

The GreenCast Spray Records section provides a series of templates to quickly and easily compile and maintain records, including:

Spray Record Sheets

Keep a detailed record of what has been applied, where and when

Sprayer Operator Details

Keep a record of each of your sprayer operators' details in one place, then use the code to enter who made the application on the Spray Record sheet. Also enter energency contact details.

Spray Store Records

Keep a track of store stocks, linked to the Spray Record sheets. Detail disposal routes for empty containers.

Nozzle Calibration Records

Record operating and calibration details for each of the nozzles used for a quick check and reference. 

The new format of downloadable pdf forms can be filled in on a computer, or printed out and completed by hand. Now, most of the forms are available in portrait or landscape format - to select what works best for any system. Save the completed record sheets direct onto a computer, or print them out to keep your records up to date. 

Syngenta Technical Manager, Glenn Kirby, highlighted record keeping of spraying activities is a legal requirement for turf managers and a key element of good stewardship.  

"Detailed records of what you did, when and why, are also extremely valuable in justifying treatments and expenses, as well as evaluating what worked most effectively to help with future decisions," he advised.  

The Spray Record sheets contain all the details required for applications, along with agronomic information, but if there are any further features or ideas you would like to see included, please email your suggestions to   

Visit the Spray Record download page here