Pigments for RSA Golf Course Turf

Syngenta Ryder Turf Pigment UAE

Pigments have been widely used in the USA for the past few years and are now becoming popular in RSA as well!

Dr. Dannenberger from Ohio State University was quite right when he told me these would be game changers in turf maintenance.

I have been blown away by the results on cool & warm season turf. Pigments are definitely a very important part of increased turf health.

Ryder is the new turf pigment technology from Syngenta and it does much more than improve the color of your golf course turf.

This wonderful tool has these key functions

  • To increase the cold tolerance of turf in winter on warm season turf e.g. Bermuda, Paspalum, Kikuyu. It is best to start these applications prior to the first frost, however it is never too late to start – you can also spray dormant turf.
  • Heat tolerance of plants is greatly increased with pigments. UV rays are very harmful to turf & this protection makes a noticeable difference to the plant health.
  • Improve the efficacy of fungicides by 20-25%.
  • Speed up seed germination.

As it is compatible with all products other than copper you can add it to your tank mix every 2-6 weeks at 1-2 litres/ha.

Ryder Turf Pigment UAE Golf Course

Let Ryder become your best friend this season.

  • Absorbs and reflects UV Rays
  • Gives great lasting colour, keeping it green even through Winter.
  • Improve turf health
  • Ryder acts like sunblock and protects your golf course turf from the harmful UV rays that damage plants.

A brilliant tool for cool season turf during this summer heat from September through to April


Greens - summer: Apply 1 litre/ha every 14 days.
In severe heat stress, Ryder can be applied as often as every 2 -3 days.
Ryder can be tank mixed with any other product other than copper.

Ryder protects your golf course turf from the cold and it keeps it green throughout the winter.
A brilliant tool for warm season turf during the cold winter months.
Fairways - winter: Apply 2 litres/ha every 6 - 8 weeks.