BARRICADE Controlling Poa for Turf Rejuvenation

Disease Control

Barricade is the selective grass-weed herbicide of choice for pre-emergence
Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) control in selected turf surfaces. The Barricade
program can help to enhance success with over sowing of turf surfaces.
Barricade controls susceptible weeds by preventing growth and development
of newly germinated weed seeds.
User experience in the US also highlights Barricade provides useful control
of annual weed grasses including Crabgrass (Digitaria spp.) and Goosegrass
(Eleusine indica).
University research has demonstrated the sensitivity of Poa annua to Barricade at
application rates as low as 0.5 lb/acre (0.56 kg/ha) when applied prior to germination
of target weed grasses in non-overseeded turf.
Generally, higher rates widen the window of application timing giving acceptable
control. The water insolubility and longevity of Barricade make applications prior to
perennial Ryegrass over seeding feasible to control Poa annua without reducing
Ryegrass establishment.

Poa annua control program
Barricade can be applied six to eight weeks prior to over seeding. Maximum rate of
application is 1.15 kg/ha (1.0 lbs/acre). Barricade 65WG may be applied more than
once over the course of the season to extend residual effects, providing the total
amount applied does not exceed the maximum annual application rate for specific turf
species. All applications must be prior to weed seed germination.
Best results will be achieved with supplementary irrigation following Barricade
application. Apply at least 12 mm (1/2 inch) of water within 14 days of application and
before weed seeds germinate.
No special overseeding practices are required, other than using a minimum seeding
rate of 350 lbs/acre (390 kg/ha) and maintaining a moist seedbed to enhance seedling
growth. More frequent irrigation regimes may be required to optimize Ryegrass rooting.
The objective of these rates and timings of Barricade is to provide 70% or better
control of Poa annua and aide the over seeding of Ryegrass in established turf grass.
Primo Maxx should also be used with over seeding programs for stronger
establishment of new seedlings and enhanced root development.
When used for the pre-emergence control of annual weed grasses in turf surfaces
Barricade will also control selected broad leaved weeds, including Chickweed,
Pigweed and Witch grass.

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