Syngenta introduces Manuscript Herbicide

Product Update
Syngenta Turf Grass Herbicide Manuscript
Syngenta Turf Grass Herbicide Manuscript

To help lawn care operators manage mature grassy weeds, Syngenta has launched new Manuscript®  herbicide.

Syngenta Manuscript Herbicide for Weeds

This highly active herbicide has been specially designed to provide post-emergence control of weeds, such as crabgrass and dallisgrass, in certain warm-season turf species on residential and commercial lawns.

"Manuscript® Herbicide for turf grass provides lawn care operators with a needed solution for controlling large grassy weeds, while also being easy to use,” said Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services manager for Syngenta. “It demonstrates excellent turf safety, even in the heat of the summer. It also remains stable in a spray tank at neutral to acidic pH levels, enabling it to remain in the tank overnight without wasting any product.”

Manuscript® is powered by pinoxaden, a new active ingredient for the turf industry. It has an advanced form of ACCase mode of action, which helps control grassy weeds like large crabgrass, smooth crabgrass and dallisgrass in bermudagrass and zoysiagrass turf. This herbicide can be used anytime weeds are actively growing, including the heat of the summer when warm-season turf is actively growing and fills in more rapidly.

Manuscript® also features a built-in safener that speeds the metabolism of pinoxaden to help improve turf safety, without sacrificing control of mature, difficult-to-control weeds. This allows for effective spot treatments, which can be used to help control crabgrass breakouts in lawns.

Watch this video where turf grass experts explain why Manuscript is such an effective herbicide.

For lawn care operators trying to manage large, tough-to-control grassy weeds, Manuscript is an exciting new solution,” said Stephanie Schwenke, turf market manager for Syngenta.

“It will help empower lawn care operators to provide a new level of service to homeowners that can control long-standing weed challenges and manage mature weeds.”

Manuscript®  is packaged with Adigor™ surfactant from Syngenta, which is custom-built for use with Manuscript®  for improved rainfastness and faster weed control.

Using Adigor™ with Manuscript®  maximizes the quantity and rate of absorption of pinoxaden, as well as the degree of translocation once pinoxaden is in the plant.