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What Manuscript Herbicide Offers Turf Grass Professionals

Product Update
Syngenta Turf Grass Herbicide Manuscript

A Unique Solution for Turf Grass.

The new herbicide from Syngenta offers turf grass professionals a number of unique benefits as well as the control of mature weeds whatever the temperature.

Improved post-emergence control of tough weeds

Selective herbicide with an advanced form of ACCase mode of action that works fast on tough mixed grasses regardless of growth stage, including large, mature weeds

Outstanding turf grass safety

Includes a built-in safener (cloquintocet-mexyl) that speeds metabolism of pinoxeden in desirable turf and improves weed control performance.

  • Enables spot treatments
  • Further improves selectivity against tough,
  • actively growing weeds without temperature restrictions
  • Additionally, the MOA allows applications near ornamental beds and shrubs

Labour savings

Reduced hand-weeding means greater labor savings

Quicker recovery

Desirable turf quickly fill in voids left behind after weeds are controlled, especially in the summer when warm-season turf is actively growing.

Manuscript Herbicide for Turf Grass UAE

What is Manuscript Herbicide?

- Pinoxaden is a new class of chemistry to the turf grass market – phenylpyrazoline or ‘DEN’
- Advanced form of ACCase mode of action, specifically engineered for:

  • Improved crop safety
  • Potent activity on tough grassy weeds

- A proprietary safener, cloquintocet-mexyl, speeds metabolism in desirable turf without affecting control of target weeds

- Use with Adigor™ surfactant, custom-built to maximize Manuscript® performance.

Watch the video below to find out what turf grass experts think about our new herbicide.

Read our Manuscript press release from earlier this year here.