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How to produce the best playing surface for golf in the UAE

HiCure Turf Care for UAE
HiCure Turf Care for UAE

Ensure your greens are draining well – finding the day light where the greens drainage flows out is a great starting point. Ensure this is not clogged and able to flow freely. If you green drains below the water level you will need to consider adding a sump pump.

Moisture meter – this is a wonderful tool to take the guessing game out of irrigating. A POGO is a great tool, but if that is out of your price range you can use a simple hand held moisture meter for R250. These can be issued to all irrigation staff. I have found this to be a very useful tool for our team.

POGO for best golf course turf UAE

Wetting agents – this really does take your turf to a new level. A monthly application at low rates in the cooler months and higher rates in the heat allows you to hold moisture in the rootzone. Qualibra is a penetrant & polymer in one awesome product which allows you to move the moisture off the surface & into the rootzone.

Studies have shown this product to give you up to 21 % more moisture in the rootzone. I am blown away by our results at 4 litres/ha every month in the cooler month allowing you to build your rootzone & 10-20 litres/ha in the heat of summer.

Wetting Agents for Golf Course Turf

Nutrition – this is a great time of year to take your soil samples if you have not done so yet and get them off to a reputable laboratory.

Once you get these results we will gladly assist you to build a fertilizer programme which suites your plant & your budget. This is a value add Syngenta products give golf courses. Your plant hates being on a roller coaster – consistent feeding is really important.

IPM – a sound intergrated pest management programme is critical to manage your pests in a sustainable manor. I have used the Syngenta turf product range since 1996 and I love the fact that you are able to target unwanted pests without affecting the bees, birds or fish.

Having a sound IPM allows you to control your pests before the damage is visible to the eye, produce a better quality playing surface more cost effectively than fighting fires.

There is no greater thrill for us “Turfheads” than the reward for doing all the above.

Planning is a vital part of producing the end product.