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Subdue Maxx

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Authorisation Number: 
Mode of action: 
Systemic and contact activity

Legal warning

Re-entry Period

  • Don't enter or allow worker entry into treated areas for 48 hours

Hazard Statements

  • For terrestrial uses: Do not apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present, or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark.

Precautionary Statements

  • Don't use or store near heat or open flames P102 Keep out of reach of children. P270 Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. P273 Avoid release to the environment. P301/P312 IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/ physician if you feel unwell. P391 Collect spillage. P501 Dispose of contents /container to a licensed hazardous-waste disposal contractor or collection site except for empty clean containers which can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste
Personal Protective Equipment
  • Wear proper personal protective equipment, refer to label for further instruction.

Tank mixing

Refer to Label for further information

Tank mix preparation

Make sure the sprayer is clean and set to give an even application at the correct volume and an even deposit.

Implementation particular terms

Always use constant agitation of the sprayer tank during mixing, transportation and application.

Mixing and spraying

Add half of the required water to the sprayer.
Add the required amount of Subdue Maxx and then the remaining water and begin agitation.
Thoroughly wash all spraying equipment immediately after use.
The diluted product must be used on the day of mixing.
Maintain vigorous agitation in the spray tank before and during the application.
This will ensure a well-mixed spray suspension.
Do not allow spray suspension to dry in the tank.

Water volume

400-2000 l/ha


Adapt the pressure for each spray-type.

Rate of Usage

1.6-3.2 l/ha

  • In case of toxic or transport emergency ring +44 (0) 1484 538444 anytime

  • Subdue Maxx has a set of worldwide industry standard in protection against Pythium infection, as well as a range of associated turf diseases including damping off and Yellow Tuft.

    Exceptional levels of performance and long residual activity for up to 21 days make Subdue Maxx an integral part of disease management programs wherever Pythium is an issue.

    Whether that is Pythium Blight or Pythium Root Rot (pictured below), Subdue Maxx gives brilliant protection for your turf. 

    Turf Care in United Arab Emirates Treating Pythium Root Rot


    • Pythium Blight
    • Pythium Damping Off
    • Yellow Turf
    • Downey Mildew



    • Exceptional Protection against Pythium
    • Residual Control
    • Leaf & root uptake
    • Systemic & Contact Activity


    • Preventative control preserves the quality of the turf
    • Highly soluble
    • Optimal disease control if applied preventatively