September 2022 Turf Frequently Asked Questions

UAE Turf Golf Courses Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions by Greenkeepers in the UAE

The shorter days we see in September result in much longer periods of leaf wetness and this saw an early onset of Microdochium (Fussarium) Patch for many. Meaning Fungicide strategies were very much in peoples minds in September this year.

Dollar spot

This is a challenge was all over the UAE this year and seems to be presenting an increasing challenge for many year on year.

It’s definitely something we need to get a better handle on as the key drivers are temperature and leaf wetness.

As we see these milder periods later in the year seemingly increase year on year it’s likely we’ll see more of this challenge. With Fescue being particularly susceptible to it, it does raise the question of What grass species should I be trying to manage?

Medallion will certainly help. You need to be realistic about longevity of cover from these products in high pressure situations. In really mild and damp conditions like we have seen this month then 2 weeks of disease suppression is what I would expect to see in the field, hopefully by the time you get to that point the pressure will have dropped and you be out of the woods.


This has rumbled on once again. I’ve seen particularly good results this year from those who have proactively targeted a fungicide application prior to the “normal” onset of the problem.

Let’s not forget that our Anthracnose defense strategy should be build on a good solid cultural foundation.

In summary:

  • Lift cutting heights – no getting away from this, just get them up.
  • Lift the nutrition – sounds counterintuitive, but having a plant too lean is the easiest way to drive disease in my experience
  • Get a Fungicide on – you’re going to want to ensure you are under good levels of protection if you’re already struggling and Microdochium patch is just around the corner, so get ahead of the game.
  • Remember that a Fungicide application will only ring fence the uninfected turf at this stage so it will appear to get worse before it gets better.
  • Apply amino Acids during periods of stress
  • Drop a cut and roll
  • Avoid cutting if its soft or wet

Now let’s have a look at Microdochium patch.

Microdochium patch

We are now moving into that season, the warm September has probably delayed things a little or at least put people in the thought process of “it’ll grow out” but with so many disease challenges around it’s really important to stay focused here.

Good ITM with a focus on moisture management is critical through this period but with so many challenges going on right now the FR321 one box solution might be something you want to consider.

The longevity of fungicides in this kind of weather is truly challenged and the powerful combination in that one box solution is my go to product during this period.


Cranefly activity seems to have been delayed a couple of weeks this year. It looks like the north was the first to go this year again and the south will be the last.

UAE Turf Pest Graph

You can see the with the Green line the numbers coming in have started shifting since the last blog on Cranefly.

Any more turf related questions? We'd love to help, just get in touch with our colleagues here.